The V Gallery is a digital gallery that exhibits the fine art work of visual artist Pascale V Marquis.  Its main purpose is to fill the role of a conventional gallery using a digital space as well as Pop-Up physical exhibits to promote and show the artist's work.  We are always looking and experimenting for ways to innovate in the way we bring visual art concepts to the physical and digital realms.

Its goal is to innovate in the way to showcase by the use of digital curation and open the virtual doors to Pascale V Marquis' creative process, offering a daily glimpse into the creation of her work, inspiration and influences.


Each photograph is sold exclusively with the Photographer's dry stamp in limited editions of only 7 prints.  Photographs are printed personally by or under direct supervision of the Photographer.  


Pascale V Marquis is a Canadian photographer and visual artist based in Paris, France. Her work explores the dichonomy of things in our world while merging seemingly unrelated elements into a single, coherent image. Pascale V Marquis has developed a distinct aesthetic, unique to her vision, that has the ability to bridge the gap between conventional commercial photography and fine art.





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